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Nice Runs!

Dilu and Amit raced 26.2 miles in the Chicago Marathon today and both finished with amazing times. Dilu completed his first marathon in 4:19:18 which is less than 10 minute miles and almost an hour better than my first one. Amit ran the 2000 Chicago Marathon with me and finished in 4:30ish, I think. He ran today in 3:57:32 - breaking that elusive 4 hr barrier. Nice job guys!

Now I’m excited for the Marine Corps Marathon - 2 weeks to go. I’ll never be able to match Amit and Dilu, but I’m going to try to beat my Chicago time of 5:13:30.

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Here’s a goal to shoot for

Completed: The Toronto Waterfront Marathon in a time of 2:59:10, 72 year old Ed Whitlock, who became the oldest person to break the three hour mark in a marathon. (Sports Illustrated 10/13/03)

Andy Drout 2003-10-13 14:01:04